Master the Art of Premium Draping with Industry-Leading Techniques from the Draping Queen herself.

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Ready to finally charge what you’re worth and

boost your confidence as a designer?

Our two-day masterclass will equip you with the skills and strategies to elevate your draping business, attract premium clients, and confidently raise your rates. Join us and transform your talent into a 6-figure business


I've Been in Your Shoes.

I started my journey feeling undervalued and underpaid despite my talent and hard work. Like you, I had the skills, the clients, and even a few testimonials, but something was missing. Watching other designers charge thousands for premium backdrops while I was stuck at $300 was disheartening.

  • Feeling Undervalued: Watching others succeed while you feel stuck can be disheartening and frustrating.

  • Lacking Confidence: Struggling with self-doubt and questioning if you're good enough to charge premium prices.

  • Overwhelmed by Comparisons: Flicking through social media, seeing other designers thriving, and feeling the sting of not measuring up.

  • Struggling with Branding: Wondering if your presentation is polished enough to compete in the big leagues.

  • Underpricing Your Talent: Knowing deep down that your work is worth more but not knowing how to price it right.

  • Feeling Stuck: Wanting to break free from bargain-basement clients and step into a more lucrative market.

Quarter Three

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Atlanta, Georgia

July 20th - July 21st

Chicago, Illinois

July 25th-July 26th

Detroit, Michigan

July 28th- July 29th


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Key to a 6- Figure Draping Business

What You Will Learn at the

Raising the Bar Masterclass

Master Premium Draping Techniques

Get hands-on with premium draping techniques like pleating and layering.

Master color theory and fabric selection to make your designs pop. Learn time-saving strategies for smooth setups and breakdowns.

Elevate Your

Business Skillset

Master running a successful draping business with top-notch operations and automation.

Learn marketing strategies to attract ideal clients and stand out. Confidently price your services to boost sales and revenue.

Boost Your Confidence and Brand

Boost your confidence to present yourself like a pro and charge premium prices.

Elevate your branding to compete with top designers. Attract high-end clients and build strong relationships with those who value your services.

We See You..

This Is Perfect for You If You Are:

  • An Aspiring Draping Professional: Ready to take your skills to the next level and attract premium clients.

  • A Seasoned Designer: Looking to refine your techniques and boost your confidence to charge higher prices.

  • Struggling with Pricing: Unsure how to price your services to reflect your worth and increase your revenue.

  • Eager to Stand Out: Want to distinguish yourself from other designers and make your mark in the industry.

  • In Need of Practical Skills: Seeking hands-on experience and efficient strategies for smooth event setups and breakdowns.

  • Passionate About Growth: Committed to elevating your business, enhancing your branding, and building strong client relationships

Schedule Breakdown

Elevate your draping business with expert techniques, bold designs, and efficient strategies.

Day One

The Business Blueprint

Learn the core principles of running a successful draping business, from marketing strategies and pricing techniques to optimizing operations and implementing automation for a seamless workflow.

  • Business Fundamentals: Learn the core principles of running a successful draping business.

  • Marketing Strategies: Discover how to identify and attract your ideal clients.

  • Pricing for Profit: Master pricing techniques to confidently charge your worth.

  • Operations and Logistics: Optimize your event setup process for maximum efficiency.

  • Automation: Implement systems to streamline your business processes.

Day Two

Hands-On Draping

Gain practical experience with advanced draping techniques, master color theory and fabric selection, and develop efficient strategies for smooth event setups and breakdowns.

  • Color Theory and Fabric Selection: Understand how to choose the right fabric blends and colors.

  • Premium Draping Techniques: Get hands-on with pleating, layering, and other advanced techniques.

  • Efficiency Strategies: Develop time-saving methods for event setup and breakdown.

  • Fabric Blends and Elements: Learn about fabric density and other important elements.

  • Certification: Demonstrate your skills and earn your Posh Approved Certificate.


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  • Business Bootcamp (valued at $447)

  • Business Bootcamp workbook (valued at $97)

  • Posh Swag bag (valued at $97)

  • Posh Tribe T-shirt (valued at $36)

Total Value $677

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Hands on Experience


  • Access to both Events

  • Draping Masterclass (valued at $1297)

  • Business Mastermind (valued at $397)

  • 3 Layer Backdrop Tutorial (valued at $297)

  • Backdrop Blueprint E-Book (valued at $197)

  • Business Bootcamp workbook (valued at $97)

  • Posh Swag bag (valued at $97)

  • Lunch on day 2 (valued at $79)

  • Student Toolkit & Supplies (valued at $75)

  • Posh Tribe T-Shirt & Apron (valued at $49)

Total Value $2597

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2 Day VIP

Experience with Take-Home Kit


  • Access to both Events

  • VIP Training Portal (valued at $1764)

  • Draping Masterclass (valued at $1297)

  • 1 Yr Mentorship (valued at $1164)

  • Backdrop Bundle (valued at $847)

  • Business Mastermind (valued at $397)

  • Triple Premium Draping Kit (valued at $421)

  • Backdrop Blueprint Book (valued at $247)

  • Private Round Table Lunch w/ Precious (valued at $197)

  • VIP Posh Swag & Gift bag (valued at $154)

  • Lunch Both Days (valued at $275)

  • Nylon Upright & Baseplate Travel Bag Set (valued at $95)

  • Student Toolkit & Supplies (valued at $75)

  • Posh Tribe T-Shirt & Apron (valued at $49)

  • Staying Positive Mug (valued at $15)

Total Value $6997

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Past Student Work

Meet Your Draping Instructor& Coach.

Precious Stevens

Hey, I’m Precious Stevens, founder of The Posh Academy, known as The Draping Queen. For over three years, I’ve helped event designers perfect their draping skills, find their ideal clients, and set fair prices to make more money doing what they love.

The real problem? Attracting clients who only want basic draping, making it hard to thrive. Plus, standing out in the crowded event industry is crucial for commanding higher prices.

The misconception? Thinking you need years of experience. Let me show you how our Draping Masterclasses can transform your journey.

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